Ensimmäinen digitutortapaaminen 4.9.2013

Ensimmäinen LEON100-hankkeen digitutoreiden tapaaminen pidettiin Porissa innostavissa merkeissä.

Tutustuimme toisiimme ja iloksemme huomasimme joukkomme koostuvan erialojen asiantuntijoista. Mukana on aloittelevia digitutoreita ja jo pitkään toimineita konkareita. Yhdessä saamme varmasti vielä paljon aikaan.

Kävimme läpi hankeorganisaatiota ja digitutorin toimenkuvaa sekä valitsimme omaan toimintaympäristöömme kuuluvia työkaluja.

Lopuksi vielä jaoimme ajatuksia siitä, minkä vinkin digitutorkaveri voisi viedä omaan lukioonsa tvt-opetuskäytön saralla.


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  1. think the thickness of both yoghurt and sour cream are about the same. What type of yoghurt did you use for the cake? A plain yoghurt with 3.5% fat?@Anonymous: German #405 flour can be substituted with pastry flour or flour with 10% protein content.

  2. قال:يا أخي المساحة تستعمل لحفظ الصور و الفيديوهات و الملفات على الخادمات السحابية ، لتجنب ضياعها أو حذفها عن طريق الخطأ و حتى يصبح بإمكانك الولوج لملفاتك من أي مكان ، وليس لتنصيب التطبيقات ، إدا أردت مساحة لكي تقوم بتنصيب تطبيقات عليها ما عليك سوى شراء ميموري كارد.

  3. I can't believe you are still cheese free. I could not, would not! Ha ha.As for cupcakes, I really like Abby Girl Sweets' Red Velvet. Super lush and moist and makes me quite happy (albeit a chubbier happy)!Another great give-a-way!@Twitricia

  4. Die sind euch super gelungen, hab zwar auch schon einiges aus Weiden geflochten, aber Kugeln waren noch nicht dabei…dabei fällt mir ein… ich hab ja noch ein Weidennest vor der Haustür stehn…. muss morgen gleich mal ein Foto machen…Knutscher Michi

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  7. Agreed! The tricky part is getting tomatoes in the dead of winter. I pay a premium for Canadian-grown hot house tomatoes at the grocery store. Eventually I want to be able to grow enough to can a winter supply. One day.

  8. Equity? whats that? … Equity? whats that? My neighborhood was affected by this. Lost equity when prices came down and foreclosures put a scar on the value of my property and others. Will it recover? Maybe. +1Was this answer helpful?

  9. ab, you’re an idiot.I live in Hawaii, and Obama’s actual birth certficate has been shown on our news shows many times (even the Fux News channel, for ill-informed dipshits like you). Second, you clueless dumbass, there has never been a call for secession in Hawaii. Third judging by your comments, I’m guessing you’re a fifty-something yr. old conservative male with a fake picture. Yet another attempt a sock-puppetry by a lame conservative douchebag. Here’s 5 cents, buy a clue.

  10. me emocione escuchando la historia de oski. Lo sigo hace mucho desde el dragon q pridujo enrique pinti y a partir de ahi me encanto. es un excelente actor. no me olvido mas de cuando hizo una improvisacion de un hombre en silla de ruedas sin la silla de ruedas, me rei muchisimo. gracias x traer a este genio matias. los escucho siempre q puedo y los quiero mucho.

  11. – I feel like I’m the only one not remotely excited for Alice In Wonderland.- Secretariat sounds like a Best Actress vehicle in the making.- Looks like it will be another solid year for animation- Tron Legacy looks like an FX and sound contender based on that clip you guys posted a while back.


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